Danika Colucci Meditation


Learn to Meditate. Live a Mindful Life. Find Calm.


Private Meditation Sessions

In my private meditation sessions, you will learn how to integrate meditation and mindfulness into your daily life. I will create a custom meditation for  you that fits in seamlessly with your lifestyle and schedule. These sessions are great for people who are new to meditation or seasoned meditators looking to deepen or switch up their practice.


Corporate Wellness

In today’s stressed out and over-scheduled world, there has never been a more needed time to bring mindfulness into the workplace. My programs are designed to meet your specific needs as a company AND keep your employees happy, reduce stress, and increase productivity.


Free Guided Meditations

Every Monday, I release a new guided meditation on my podcast Meditation with Danika. Enjoy! 


Weekly Classes

Come sit with me! I often teach weekly meditation classes and workshops in Hoboken and New York City. Check out my current teaching schedule.